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GCSE Theatre Trip

On Tuesday 20 November, Miss Parkes and Miss Master accompanied 14 GCSE students to West Yorkshire Playhouse to watch a production of ‘A Christmas Carol’. The students invited study both GCSE Drama and GCSE English, so it was a beneficial opportunity for all.

The evening began with a trip to MOD Pizza for some warming food, helping to keep out the cold and wet from outside! All students (and staff!) loved the pizzas and enjoyed designing their own with their own choice of toppings.

The production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ was in the temporary pop up building, with our students having prime seats on the front two rows. There was a real buzz inside the theatre and the production seen was outstanding with an ingenious use of set design and multi-role acting by the small ensemble. Miss Master was especially impressed with the dramatisation of the classic tale, as she often quoted the famous novel to herself, thinking she couldn’t be heard! 

Overall, a great evening was had by all and we wish to thank all students and staff that braved the horrible weather conditions and showed excellent behaviour and enthusiasm for the event.