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Supporting Actors at Batley Grammar School

In November 2017, Batley Grammar School were approached by Tykes 2000 Casting Agency with an incredibly exciting opportunity for our students. The agency were looking to recruit a selection of 11-16 students from an Asian background to work as supporting actors in the second season of a popular Channel 4 sitcom.

We believed a number of students would benefit enormously from this opportunity as the work and motivation shown in lessons was of an excellent quality. This was potentially a unique opportunity for Batley Grammar School to promote the talent witnessed during each drama lesson.

We hope you agree this is a very exciting time for Batley Grammar School and we would like to see these students challenged and motivated in all aspects of the creative industry. This is an invaluable opportunity for them and an experience they can keep with them in the future.

The first group of students have already attended their first professional filming day and have come back to school buzzing with the excitement of their experiences.

The students reported that:

“We made loads of new friends, other students our age, some that had done it before so they gave us loads of tips.”

 “It was exciting making friends with some of the professional actors our age, and seeing them filming was so much fun.”

 “It was a good experience being on an actual filming set, I can’t wait to go back!”

 The students are working as professional background actors and have been involved in close up shots and shots that are more communal so we should look out for them on our screens!

We have six months of filming with over 50 students selected, so good luck to all involved, but most of all just enjoy every minute!