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Covid 19 Parent/Carer Information & FAQs

Google Classrooms currently offline 


Maintenance work on google classrooms is ongoing and access is currently unavailable. We will keep students updated via the website and app as to when it will be fully functioning.



What is being done?

We are integrating the google classrooms more closely with our school systems, this will allow us to manage the classes better for students.


Why now?

This was maintenance that was planned prior to lockdown when the use of our classroom platform was limited. The longer we leave this work, the process will take much longer and more data will be lost.


What happens to my child's work?

If they have submitted it to the teacher, then we will be able to save it, but if your son/daughter doesn't save their unfinished work, it will be wiped.


How do I save the work?

The link is a simple description on how to save a local copy of the work on all of the main operating platforms.


When will the classroom be back running?

The work will take 24 hours. The platform will be functioning again by Tuesday. 

Latest guidance for COVID-19 for educational settings


Please see the link below for the latest guidance from the DfE and Public Health England in relation to the COVID-19 virus. We will continue to update this as we receive information.

Key Updates

  • If you are a key worker and would like your child to attend school please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the date you would like them to start. 
  • School will be open from Monday 8th June for the pupils who have indicated their return in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.
  • Year 10 Students are being invited in to school for face to face sessions from June 15th, a personalised letter has been sent informing students of the time and date they are required in school. Face to face core subject sessions will take place from Monday 22nd June please see further details here.
  • If you are a Parent of a child in Reception Yr1 or Yr6 and would now like your child to return to school please inform school by Monday June 15th the return date would then be Monday 22nd June; be advised to maintain your child’s safety we will only be setting up new bubbles and therefore if we have insufficient numbers we would be unable to offer the place.

Parent/Carer Covid 19 Update Letters

Parental Update 23 June 2020

Parental Update 07 May 2020

Parental Update 27 April 2020

Parental Update 02 April 2020

Parental Update 27 March 2020

Parental Update 24 March 2020


Possible reopening of school to more students in June

15 May 2020 School reopening letter from Kirklees Council

Reopening of School for Reception Pupils

Reopening of School for Year 1 Pupils

Reopening of School for Year 6 Pupils

Possible Reopening of School for Year 10 Students

Parental Update 22 May 2020

FAO Reception & Yr1 pupils who are returning to school on June 8th

FAO Reception & Yr1 pupils who are NOT returning to school on June 8th

FAO Yr 6 pupils who are returning to school on June 8th

FAO Yr 6 pupils who are NOT returning to school on June 8th

Yr10 School Reopening Core Subject Session Information


School Reopening FAQ's

How many pupils will be in a group?

Pupils will be in groups or ‘bubbles’ of up to 15 pupils in year 6 (10 in reception and year 1).

 Will pupils be able to mix together?

Pupils will only be allowed to mix with other pupils from with their 'bubbles'.

What happens if my child becomes upset?

If your child is upset they will be reassured in the normal way by their teacher.

What if my child has an accident?

If your child has an accident first aid will be administered as usual, following school protocols. Staff administering this will be wearing appropriate PPE (gloves, face mask and apron)

How will you decide which pupils in which group? Can they be with their friends?

We will try to ensure that your child is grouped with at least one of their close friends.

How can I speak to the class teacher?

You can ask for a message to be passed from the registration desk. You can leave a telephone message or write an email. Teachers will not be holding face to face appointments.

My child has grown out of their uniform. Do they need to wear uniform?

Ideally, yes your child does need to wear school uniform. If that is not possible, please try to maintain a smart appearance, incorporating as many items from the school uniform as you can.

If my child is not with the class teacher, will they have another qualified teacher?

Yes, it may not be their class teacher or from within their Key Stage, but they will be a qualified to lead a group.

What will the school be doing to keep my child safe when they are in school?

A range of strategies will be undertaken to keep your child safe we are following the government guidance which will include:

  • Staggered entry to the building and a similar approach at the end of the day;
  • Restricted access to the site for adults (only one parent will be permitted to accompany their child);
  • Bubbles will be kept completely apart, with no mixing. They will have their own timetable and playtime arrangements, staggered to avoid any meeting in corridors;
  • Toilets will be allocated to a single bubble;
  • Frequent hand washing through the day;
  • Single seating arrangement for students in year 6.

What check will you have in place for infection control?

Pupils will have their temperature checked remotely on arrival. We will expect parents/carers to notify us of any illness in their child or wider family. Pupils’ health and wellbeing will be monitored by their teacher throughout the day.

How will you track and trace exposure to Covid 19 in other pupils?

We will be reliant on parents informing us if someone has isolated due to symptoms and is waiting for a test result. A pupil will not be permitted back to school until the end of this period of isolation or a negative test result is provided.

What will happen if another child exhibits symptoms of Covid 19?

Any pupil who falls ill during the morning will be removed immediately to the medical room and cared for separately by a member of staff wearing PPE. The bubble; including the teacher will all have to isolate at home for 14 days if Covid 19 is confirmed by external testing.

What happen if the teacher exhibits symptoms of Covid 19?

The same process as pupils applies. The bubble will all have to isolate at home if Covid 19 is confirmed by external testing.

Does my child need to wear a face mask?

No, government advice is that facemasks increase the risk of cross contamination and therefore infection, therefore we do not want either pupils or staff to wear face masks within a classroom. We are advised that frequent hand washing is the more effective method of reducing infection.

Does my child need to bring a PE kit?

No, we would prefer pupils to bring the minimum of extra clothing into school.

Does my child need to bring their school bag?

Yes. Pupils will be expected to bring their own pencil case and drink and store this in a tray beneath their desk. No items will be shared between pupils, except in YR1 and reception where resources will be limited and washed between pupils accessing them.

How will you maintain the 2 metre distancing rule?

This will not be possible within the bubble.

Will my child have to play by themselves?

No, they will play freely with pupils in their bubble.

If I have a child in YR/1/6, can I bring their siblings to school too?

No, you will have to make separate childcare arrangements or keep your child who is eligible to attend at home.

Is my child going to miss out if they don’t come back to school?

No. Home schooling arrangements will continue simultaneously.

What will the layout of the classroom be - number of students / how will they be spaced out?

There will be one bubble per classroom. The tables and chairs will be arranged to provide 2 metre spacing wherever possible. Activities will be organised to encourage pupils to access them singly.

What if my child has a medical condition that makes them more vulnerable / susceptible to coronavirus?

You should keep your child at home.

what if we have a family member that is in one of the vulnerable groups living with us?

You should keep your child at home.

How will the school ensure that families are keeping to the recommendations outside of school?

We have no means to do so. It is for every individual in our community to ensure they are following government guidance.

What are the cleaning / hygiene arrangements for the children whilst they are in school and after?

Each area used during the morning will receive periodic cleaning through the morning and a deep clean in the afternoon when pupils have gone home.

Pupils will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently, cough into the crook of their elbows and as always avoid spitting.

My child is entitled to a free school meal. Will they still get this?

We will be providing all students in reception and year 1 a ‘grab bag’ containing a sandwich, an item of confectionery and a drink.



What is school doing to limit possible infection?

The school is prioritising the cleaning of all frequently used surfaces. Liquid soap is frequently replenished in the toilets and students have been spoken to about the importance of good hygiene. We have advised students to avoid handshakes in school to limit contact.

What if i am ill?

Follow the advice. Self isolate only if you have a fever or temperature above 37.8 degrees and have developed a NEW cough. Please inform school if this is the case. NOTE this does not mean you have the virus.

When can someone return to school after self isolating

All members of the household should self isolate for 14 days. If after 14 days you are symptom free you are able to return to school.

If you continue to experience symptoms follow the latest government advice which is currently to call 111 or NHS Online if you have internet access.

What if someone in my house is self isolating?

All members of the household should self isolate for 14 days. 

What if teaching staff become ill?

They will follow the government advice and self isolate. The school is working on some contingency plans and we will communicate what these are should we experience significant staff absence.

What if someone in the household has a confirmed case of Coronavirus?

Follow the advice and contact NHS 111 online or phone them to advise them of the situation. Please inform school of the circumstances.


Advice for Educational Settings


View document coronavirus_advice_for_educational_settings_poster.pdf