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Key Stage 1


Key Stage One consists of separate classes for Year 1 and Year 2, each containing up to 30 children.

All National Curriculum subjects are taught by the class teachers following National Curriculum guidelines but we tailor work to suit the individual needs and abilities of the class.

We also use the extensive facilities offered by the Secondary Phase, including the Sports Hall, ICT suites and the music room.

Every day, we start our learning with ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ for 10 minutes where we get our bodies moving and awake and our brains ready to learn!

Each term we send home a curriculum newsletter to inform parents of the learning going on in the classroom and also of ways you can help out.

We aim to take the children on a visit at least once a term and details are included in the curriculum newsletter. We believe that this is an integral part of the learning process and supports and enhances learning in the classroom.


The key focus on the teaching of reading in KS1 is the systematic teaching of phonics. 

Phonics sessions take place on a daily basis in Reception and Year 1 in small differentiated groups. We follow the phases of the Letters and Sounds scheme which is a synthetic phonics approach developing an understanding of sounds, blending to read and segmenting to spell.

Reading comprehension skills are also taught through guided reading sessions.

In KS1 we use the Bug Club reading scheme,. The scheme is made up of ‘real’ books, finely graded into reading bands to support progress and challenge. All pupils also have access to the Bug Club online with a range of books to read on line and games to play to support the development of reading. This is a phonics-based scheme. Pupils are encouraged to choose their own reading book from an appropriate range.

Parents are encouraged to read on a daily basis with their child and to discuss the content of the stories as well as supporting the reading process.
Home reading diaries are used both to record what has been read and also to make any comments about the reading.