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We are delighted to update you all on our newly appointed catering providers.  Aspens Services are a market leading contract catering company who specialise in school food.

Aspens only work in the education sector and we feel that this gives them an advantage above many other providers who working across a number of sectors, they have an empathises on providing delicious home cooked food each day along with being well equipped to cater for individual dietary requirements.

We are looking forward to working with Aspens and the Schools Student Council for Primary and the Student Leadership Committee for Secondary on ensuring that the offer is student led, but with a strong empathises on ‘Feeding our future’ and playing our part to educate children and raise awareness about nutrition, food and where it comes from, so that they can make informed and mindful choices. 

This appointment comes at the end of a process that began in October 2021 when we, along with the other secondary schools in Batley Multi Academy Trust, started a review of our catering services and we are looking forward to seeing the difference that Aspens can make to the wellbeing of our students whilst they are in school.


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We are delighted to announce, in partnership with our catering providers Aspen Services, that we have once again retained our Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (very good), this is the highest rating possible (March 22).

The school currently supplies HMB approved halal meat, which is meat that is stunned prior to slaughter. All meat served in school is certified to this standard. 

As a school we will always seek to do anything that is reasonably practicable to allow all members of our multi faith community to take full advantage of all aspects of school life, including the choice of meal at lunch time. As such, given the multi-cultural nature of our school community, we currently feel that HMB-certified halal meat is something that provides a choice of a halal based meat meal for our Muslim students, without the concerns associated with animal welfare expressed by other members of our community. 

The school will continue to offer a vegetarian / fish dish as a daily alternative to meat if you would rather your child does not eat HMB Approved halal meat. 

Halal certificates can be viewed here.


In October 2021 a new legislation known as Natasha’s Law comes into effect, please click here to read the attached statement from Aspens Catering.