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food technology

Curriculum Overview 

At BGS, our food curriculum allows our pupils to apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating to their day-to-day lives. We promote a love of cooking in all pupils.

 Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill for pupils now and in later life. Throughout their time at school, we aim to encourage independent learning through practical participation and develop pupil's knowledge of food both in Batley, through local businesses as well as outside of the local area.

The department ensures that our students have a wider understanding of environmental impacts on our choice of foods and why they should be more encouraged to buy fresh, local produce and reduce the use of plastic thus ensuring they understand the impact on the environment relating to food waste.

Our pupils learn about multicultural foods and experience how different cultural foods influence our everyday food choices. Our pupils also investigate ethical issues in food, special diets and food safety. This enables our students to have a clear understanding of different religions and ethical beliefs and how these have influenced our western lives.

The department has a strong focus on developing independent learners and promoting high standards of academic achievement through making and evaluating dishes. The department has a strong belief that all pupils should be independent and take a personal responsibility to lead, direct, support and consider the needs of others. This equips our students with the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in life.


The Food Technology long-term plan is available here.