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Secondary Phase Uniform


A high standard of personal appearance is demanded of all students. 

Proper dress code should be complete and correctly worn at all times.


Hair should be appropriate to a formal School setting and should not be of an extreme nature, ie:

  • Too long/too short or displaying extreme variations in length e.g. shaved sides, long on top
  • Multi-coloured/bright coloured/unnatural
  • With a pattern or lines cut into it or promote any allegiance to a product or organisation
  • Coloured flashes are not acceptable

Hair slides/bands should be plain navy, grey or black

Likewise eyebrows should not have any patterns or tramlines and should be a natural colour.

Make up

Discrete make-up in natural colours only. No nail varnish or false nails. 



Watch, one earring only per lobe – small plain stud that must be removable for health & safety reasons (such as for PE lessons). No other piercings will be allowed
No rings or bracelets (two charity wristbands will be permitted)
‘House’ or reward lapel badges only are permitted

Uniform for students up to and including year 11:

  • Dark grey, charcoal or black trousers or skirts.  These must be of a plain, tailored style.  Jeans of any kind are unacceptable. No "skinny" trousers. Skirts must be suitable for a formal school setting.
  • Blue blazer with pocket badge*
  • School tie (5 stripes showing)*
  • White or light blue shirt (long or short sleeved).  Sleeves should not be rolled up
  • Black tights or plain dark grey socks (plain dark grey or black socks to be worn with trousers - no white or pale grey socks)
  • Black leather polishable shoes, no trainers or extreme styles.  Laces must be tied safely and not tucked into shoes
  • Technology apron – white heavy-duty cotton
  • Optional grey v-necked pullover, with the school colours *

For all students/pupils, coats and jackets for outside wear should be plain, with no logos and of a dark colour.  Hooded tops are not acceptable either underneath or on top of the blazer in school.

*These items must be purchased from our designated school outfitters.

Breaches of school uniform regulations will be recorded by staff, either as a comment on ClassCharts. The following issues crop up occasionally: white socks, canvas/training shoes worn in school, shirt hanging out, top button of shirt undone, tie too short and at KS3/4, too much make-up, use of nail varnish or too much/inappropriate jewellery.  All pupils are required to wear full school uniform on their way to and from school, when representing the school at sporting fixtures, and at other school functions.

Please note: Some retailers may describe an item as suitable for school, it does not mean that it is acceptable at Batley Grammar School.