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Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum Overview

Our ethos in Physical Education strongly reflects the behaviours outlined in the BGS ethos statement. SMSC is a regular feature of PE lessons; students learn how to operate in teams and the etiquette associated with taking part in physical activities. Students are taught strategies to solve problems in how to outwit an opponent or design/choreograph. 

We aim to create the very best experience for all ability levels within Physical Education. We challenge students to think, act and speak as those working in the field of Sport would. We do this by building leadership qualities in the students, for example by leading peers in warm-ups and drills and learning to speak confidently in front of others. We facilitate this in a way that is inclusive and enjoyable.

Students follow content according to the National Curriculum for Physical Education. Students can experience a balanced and varied curriculum allowing students to participate in a wide variety of activities covering invasion, racket, striking and fielding, aesthetics and athletics.

In the delivery of these activities, students are challenged to use technical terminology with confidence, accurately and precisely, building towards knowledge and understanding of physical education at GCSE at KS4.

Within year 11 core PE, students are allocated available spaces and activities are delivered to best suit the needs and activity levels of students. Students are encouraged to attend extra-curricular sporting clubs and competitions, have an opportunity to represent their school and community. 

As part of the curriculum delivered, students participate in Health related fitness; educating students on making positive informed choices around their health, well-being and diet. This activity also links the benefits of a healthy diet and physical activity to mental and physical well-being.

During lessons, the physical education department will ensure opportunities for students to develop their LORIC qualities and skills through sport. The department will also ensure students are well prepared to transition from KS3 to KS4 with the skills, knowledge, character and leadership to excel in KS4. Promoting underlying themes/components of VCert PE in order to provide a foundation for a positive transition to KS4.


The KS4 PE long term plan is available here. 

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