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Geography Curriculum Overview


Yr7: Seven times every two weeks as part of the Integrated Curriculum. This includes History, Geography and RS. Geography units covered are, Map skills, Fantastic Places, Natural hazards and China.

Yr8: Six times a fortnight on a rotation basis with History and RS subjects. The study begins with coastal zones in which students complete a home learning project before moving onto Rainforests and Africa. We then also study UK Geography, Geology and rainforests.

Yr9: Three times a fortnight. Students will study Development and the Quality of Life, Geography and Crime, Emerging Nations and Weather and Climate.

In Years 7 and 8 students are taught in mixed ability form groups while in Year 9 they are streamed in Discover subjects.


KS4: Mixed ability groups study the AQA specification over five lessons a fortnight.

Year 10: Paper 1: Living with the Physical Environment. (35% of the GCSE). Students study a range of units including, The challenge of Natural Hazards, The Living World and Physical Landscapes in the UK.

Year 11: Paper 2: Challenges in the Human Environment. (35% of the GCSE). Students study a range of units including Urban Issues and Challenges, The Changing Economic World and The Challenge of Resource Management. Paper 3: Geographical Applications. (30% of the GCSE). Students will apply knowledge and understanding to interpret, analyse and evaluate the information and issue(s) in the pre-release resources booklet and the question paper. Students will undertake two geographical enquiries. They will be carried out in contrasting environments and show an understanding of both physical and human geography.


The Geography long term plan is available here.