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Science Curriculum Overview

Science delivers a meaningful scheme of learning across all years to enhance students understanding of the world around us and to develop their inquisitive nature.

At KS3 students build their knowledge from KS2 to develop scientific enquiry and practical skills. Our scheme of work covers the national curriculum and a mastery learning philosophy is promoted in all lessons. Our curriculums allow students to explore a range of topics within Biology, Chemistry and Physics to promote their passion for the subject. Students are encouraged to become independent learners through thinking hard strategies and the use of home learning projects as well as develop critical skills such as literacy and numeracy. Science has a great focus on promoting STEM based careers and giving access to educational visits and workshops with external visitors to build a love of learning throughout years 7 to 9. Formative and summative assessments are regularly provided to assess students’ scientific skills and allow clear feedback including when delivering remote learning via Google Classrooms. Scaffolded tasks after feedback are given providing clear differentiation to support students struggling with content and stretch those higher ability students. This allows students to become proactive scientists who are fully prepared to question concepts in their GCSE studies.

At KS4 students utilise the skills developed in earlier years to apply to GCSE content and further develop their scientific enquiry skills. Our curriculum continues to develop students’ independence through the use of online homework resources. These homework’s link closely to scaffolded tasks with clear differentiation to support students in their understanding of content and stretch those with a greater depth of understanding. Students have access to many STEM based careers through visits and talks with professionals in a range of scientific fields. Formative and summative feedback is regularly provided to assess students understanding of content and its application to skills developed at KS3 including when delivering remote learning via Google Classrooms. Our curriculum embeds thinking hard and live modelling strategies in its design and lessons develop a range of skills such as literacy and numeracy. By the end of KS4 students will be able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and be confident in their abilities both in practical and theoretical aspects of the subject. Students will leave BGS with a clear knowledge of the scientific world and be able to successfully and independently plan, analyse and apply key required practicals and content to succeed in their exams and future studies. For students who do not take Science on into further education, we strive to achieve that these students have developed the required skills to problem solve and make decision in many areas of life. These students will face challenges and opportunities that confront our world and our curriculum will support them to approach this from a scientific perspective, taking into account both social and ethical considerations.


The Science long term plan is available here.