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Attendance Matters

Regular school attendance is an important part of giving you the best possible start in life. Students who miss school frequently can fall behind with their work and do less well in exams. Good attendance shows potential further education and employers that you are reliable. Below is a table showing how your percentage attendance equates to the amount of school time missed.

% Attendance Days  Sessions Weeks  Lessons Missed


9 days 18 sessions 2 weeks 45 lessons
90% 19 days 38 sessions 4 weeks 95 lessons
85% 29 days 58 sessions 6 weeks 140 lessons
80% 38 days 72 sessions 8 weeks 190 lessons
75% 48 days 96 sessions 10 weeks 240 lessons
70% 57 days 114 sessions 12 weeks 285 lessons
65% 67 days 134 sessions 14 weeks 335 lessons


Every Minute Counts

If you arrive late to school every day, your learning begins to suffer. Below is a graph showing how being late to school every day over a school year adds up to lost learning time.