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Useful Links

Top Tips for our new Year 7




  • Ready, steady, go....!

    Set an alarm leaving plenty of time to get ready!

    Check your timetable and pack your bag the night before

    Be at registration, in your form room, for 8.45am sharp with everything you need for the day

    Make sure you have a watch so that you can arrive on time to your lessons. This is particularly useful during break and lunch!



  • Look the Part

    Make sure you know the dress code and stick to it!

    Put your uniform and any PE kit you may need out the night before

    Label your stuff! Have your name on your kit and your bag.



  • Don’t miss out!

    Make sure you get involved with the Batley Bucket list and Reading Awards

    Always speak to a teacher if you have any concerns or questions

    Make sure you join an after school club to boost your confidence and make new friends!


  •  Always remember:

    ‘Starting at a new school is an exciting adventure but it can be quite scary. Remember that you are not alone and that your classmates may be feeling the same as you.Don’t be scared, be confident and smile!’

    ‘Teachers will be happy to help you. Remember to ask if you don’t understand something, if you are lost or you have any problems speak to your form tutor!’

    ‘Take every opportunity that you can get. I’m so glad I became a Junior Head and took on my first leadership role.’